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Chinese International Foreign Language Translation Center

  China, who has 1.3 billion population and 1thousand billion dollars yearly output values, is affecting enormously the world's economy. Simultaneously, she was also bringing a more free market for the world. At the same time, the international market is displaying the unusual attention to China.
  The incumbent general manager of the World Trade Organization, who talks about with drop feelings:^The sudden rising of Chinese economy and the entrance of the World Trade Organization will have many positive effects. The growth of Chinese imports in particular will cause her to become the motor, what impels the Asian economy. And China, who melts into the world economics and takes the World Trade Organization as a link, will bring huge advantages to the world. ̄
  All the people is paying attention to China, similarly China brings also the huge business opportunities to everybody.
  But it's difficult for a foreign merchant, who is eager to invest anxiously in the Chinese market, particularly walking on the Chinese golden road and carrying on some business negotiation with the huge hamper of the language.
  From now on, Chinese International Foreign Language Translation Center can help you, in interpreting your products and translating your products' introductions in Chinese, so, the Chinese merchant can understand more accurately and profoundly.
  On through our high grade translation level, you can obtain the best commercial effect!
  We have 518 staffs with the high-level and high quality, which are skilled in the world's various languages translations.
  Our services are translating your products' introductions, your businesses' programs, your investment item, your commercial plan book and so on, in proper ways orienting on Chinese market.
  Our translation contents include the communication, the electron, the telecommunication, the machinery, the petroleum, the chemical industry, the environment, the energy, the metallurgy, the building, the geology, the automobile, the electric power, the papermaking, the ships, the broadcast, the spinning and weaving, the medicine, the biology, the aviation, the environmental protection, the law, the commerce, the nuclear electricity, food, the agriculture, the computer, the animal husbandry, the fishery, natural gas, item report, implementation plan, medical instrument, business management and so on, more than 50 aspects.
Our aims are making every effort to provide the most satisfactory translation services for the various countries' merchants.
  Due to our high quality level, our rapidity and cheapness of translation, we have received a broad foreign favor.
  No matter which areas you go to, what commercial activities and inspirations you want to do in China, we will give you our most satisfactory services when you contact with us.
  General Manager, Mr. Qin Zijing takes along all his staffs, wholeheartedly welcomes the broad domestic and foreign merchants to contact with us.

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