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Overview of Hulbier city

The Hulun Buir city, covering a total area of 253,000 square km, is located along the northeastern border of China and neighbors Russia and Mongolia. Hulun Buir is well known for its vast land , boundless grass-land, enormous forests, big lakes, numerous minerals and important ports. It can be referred to as a non - polluted green land for its sparse population, vast and fertile land, luxuriant grass and rich resources of minerals.

The Greater Hinggan Mountains, stretching across the Hulun Buir League, is known as "a green treasure house", where there are 500 species of wild plants of high economic value, more than 40 species of rare poultry and 29 kinds of wild berries. In addition, there are rare plants such as glossy ganoderma, bear' s head and Jew' s ear etc.

The world - famous Hulun Buir Grassland is one of the 20 tourist scenic resorts in China for its 68,000 - square km flat grassland flourished with hundreds kinds of flowers and dotted with countless cattle and sheep. Presently about six million head of domestic animals such as Sanhe horse and Sanhe cattle are raised to produce 100,000 tons of beef and mutton and 500,000 tons of milk.

Hulun Buir is abundant in water resource for its 3000 rivers and 500 lakes. The Hulun Lake, one of the five biggest fresh water lakes in China yields more than 1,000 tons of carps, crucian, luce catfish and white shrimp in its water surface of 2,300 square kilometers.

Hulun Bui is also one of the main commodity grain production bases in Inner Mongolia. Nowadays the city has an arable land of 20 million mu and other 40 million - mu land to be reclaimed. The city annually produces 2 billion kg of high - grade soybeans, sugar beet, rapeseeds, potato and kidney beans.

The beautiful and richly endowed Hulun Buir is stretching her arms to warmly welcome business people to come for exploiting the green resources The Hulun Buir Grassland promises you a bright green hope and rich reward.

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