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Overview of Bayannur league

Bayannur Meng (Bameng in brief) is situated in the west part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, bordering with Mongolia in the north and with the boundary line of 368.89 kilometers. It has the total area of 64000 The total population is 1.70 million. The administrative government is in Linhe City.

The weather in Bameng belongs to the continental climate with the annual rainfall of 90 - 300mm and sunshine time of 3100-3300 hours. From east to west, the Yin Mountains stretch across the central section. In the north there is a vast natural postural and with 7 million head of sheep, oxen, horses and camels etc. The cashmere of white goat in Erlang Mountain enjoys high reputation a home and abroad. In the south is the famous Hetao Plain that sued to be described, "Hundreds of places suffered from the Yellow River, but only Hetao was benefited from it". It has the cultivated area of 400000 hectares and it is the largest irrigation system with one river mouth in China. Hetao Plain is abounding in wheat, corn, oil-bearin sunflower seed, sugar beets, melon, fruit and medicinal herbs etc. It is a major commodity grain base of the country.

Within the territory of Bameng, 62 kinds of mineral resources have been proved in 300 places. The main ores are sulphur, copper, lead, zinc, coal, gold, silver, rare earth, graphite, ferrochrome and gem etc. It is easy to exployt because the ore bodies are quite thick with high-grade.

The tourist resource in Bameng shows the unique characteristic that will enable the tourists to feast their eyes.

The investment conditions are improved gradually in Bameng. Bao-lan railway and No.110 national highway pass through Bameng. The communication is convenient and the power supply is sufficient here. Two land trading ports with Mongolia are playing a great role. The provincial level economic development zone in Linhe City has formed a complete set with Six Tong and One Ping (six supplies and one level land). It has provided advantages for full development and opening to outside.

Warmly welcome the friends from home and abroad to come here to invest for development and to establish industries and enterprises, build the beautiful and rich Bayannur Meng together with us.

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