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The First Health Beer in the World-Jinchuan Health Beer


We are searching international sole agents of Jinchuan health beer.

The best health beer, "JinChuan health beer" certificate granted as "The Best Of The World Of Guinness In SHANGHAI" zero-breaking record for Chinese beer coming into world market. We are looking for agents and cooperators around the world.

"The First Health Beer in the World-Jinchuan Health Beer" is refinedly brewed out with pure natural mineral water containing over 10 kinds of trace and macro elements like CO32-, SO42-, Ca2+, Na+, and Mg2+. The mineral water is from the fracture of formation beneath 1,000 meters of the surface of the earth in Yin Mountains of Inner Mongolia.

The experiment and test on human body and animals verified that "Jinchuan beer has over 10 kinds of marvelous effects on protecting stomach mucous, improving stomach function, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases by Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, People` s Hospital of Beijing and Shanghai Ruijin Hospital.

For this the Ministry of Public Health issued the "Health Food Certificate" to the brewery; China health Education Research Institute recommended the health beer to the middle-and- aged people all over the country, the State nominated Jinchuan health Beer General Brewery in Bayannur Meng, Inner Mongolia as " the Natural Health Beer Developing Base in China"; the brewery continuously obtained gold medals at "Beijing International Beer Festivals in 1998-1999;the beer was assessed as"Green Food' by the Green Food Development Center of China; the beer was appointed as the special service beer for the 50th anniversary ceremony of China; it was appointed as the national key product 1999 by Science and Technology Ministry, Tax Bureau, foreign Trade Ministry, Quality Technique Supervising Bureau and the Environment Protection Bureau; It gained the certificate of "the Best of the World of Guinness in Shanghai" on June 1st,2000; It has passed the ISO9002; the paper << study of the Health Care Effect and Mechanism of Jinchuan Health Beer of China >> was adopted and published by WBC 2000 in Orlando, USA on July 28,2000,which realized the zero breakthrough Chinese brewing industry; the beer is the only health beer from China that has been selected into the list of prestigious products recommended by US International Economic Advance association.

"The First Health Beer in the World-Jinchuan Health Beer' has set up the monument of times for Chinese beer going into the world.

Wu Jieping, the famous medical expert and vice-chairman of NPC inscribed "Jinchuan Health Beer flies its own colors". The demand for the beer exceeds supply and the beer was favored by the customers at home and abroad.

The Hetao Business and Marketing Center of Jinchuan Beer General Brewery faces the world to seek agency or sole agency, we look forward to the incoming correspondence, telephone and customers from home and abroad for business, investment or cooperation.


The Only Natural Health Beer

"The Natural Jinchuan Health Beer' developed by Inner Mongolia Linhe Health Beer General Brewery is refinedly brewed with the high quality drinking and therapeutic mineral water from Hetao China. It has been approved by Chinese authoritative medical departments according to the experiments and tests with people and animals. This beer has miraculous health effects to the diseases of gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems as well as ten more other diseases. So far it is the only natural health beer in China approved by the Ministry of public Health of China and it is the first origination in the world.

Wang Yizhuo(sign) Yang Jicai(signature)

Seal of the World of Guinness Shanghai General Headquarters

The world Guinness Shanghai General Headquarters solemnly declared: If there is no new record appearing within the year, this certificate is the best of the World of Guinness in the year of 1997.

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