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China Various investment projects

1- Energy Sources and Environment Protection;Transportation and Irrigation Works

C - 004  The Water - supply Engineering of Wuhai City

C - 005  The Drainage Works of Wuhai City

C - 006  The Project Coal With High Sulphur Composition Gasified Underground

C - 007  Coal Gas Comperhensive Utilization Project of lnner Mongolia Wuhai City Hainan District

C - 008  Coal Gas Comprehensive Utilization Project of Inner Mongolia Wuhai City Wuda District

C - 009  Making Use of Civil Garbage to Produce Fertilizer

HD4- 025 The Project of the 1000 mu lrrigation Water-Saving

HD4- 029 Sewage Treatment Plant

D4- 030 The Project of Setting up the Heating Supply Station

2. Basic Establishment

C- 001 Construction of Schemu Base in West Srdos State Grade Nature Preserve

C- 002 Project of Wuhai City Bayintaohai Villages Agriculture Comprehensive Exploitation

C- 003 Synthetical Development of Agriculture in North Outskirts of Haibowan District

3. Metallurgy and Mineral Sources ; Heavy Industry

BK- 001High Function RE Acid Bronze Alloy Materials

BK- 002Annual production of 3,000 Ton RE Modified MC Nylon

BK- 003Nanometer Crystal Rare Earth Alloy Magnetic Powder Pilot Project

BK- 004 nnual Production of 2000T rare earth nutrition afent for plants

C- 015  
The Annual Output of 12000 Tons Electrolysis Lead

C- 016   Exploitation of Coal Measures Kaolin

C- 020   Project of Centrifugal Nodular Cast Cron Pine

C- 021   The Project of Enlargement of 80000Tons /Year Ferrisilicon

4. Light Industries, Textile and Construction Materials

BK-013Modified Timber

BK-025Series Large - scale Construction Machine Production Line

BK-030Annual production of 1000 units of super refrigeration container

C- 018  The Porject of Middle and High - Grade Glassworks

C- 036  The Project of Optics Glass Products

HD4- 006 The Project of PRODUCING Green Piant Fibre Utensils

HD4- 010 The Project of Bringing in lnvestment for The New Type of Soil Plastic Membrane Factory

HD4- 026 The Project of Developing Rur's straws agaas

5. Medicine and Chemicals

BK-006Large specific surface cerium and cerium oxide for auto catalysis

BK-007Production Line of Fluorescent E2u O3

BK-008U - PVC Rare Earth High Strength Pipe Material and Its Products

BK-009Rare Earth Three Base Fluorescent Powder

BK-011Nano - silicin Based Ceramic Powder and products

BK-012Non - crystal functioning material production

BK-016nner Mongolia Northern - Astragalus Mongholicus of Chinese traditional medicine

BK-017Super oxide dismutase for ox blood (SOD)

BK-018Dry an frozen Sheep Placenta powder

BK-019Sheep placenta breast chubbiness capsule

BK-020Annual production of 22M bottle liquid medicine for human infusion

BK-022Research of Protein Bios Optimization and Applying Technology

BK-023Annual production of 1500T SG environmental protection adsorbent

C- 011  The Project of Nano - Grade Silcon Dioxide

C- 012  The Project of the Dissolving Plastic Film on the Farmland Be Dissolved

C- 017  The Project of Organic Matter Humic Acid Potassium

C- 019  The Porject of ADC Foaming Agent of Taida Sodium Company

C- 022  The Project of Enlargement of 11000Tons/Year Oxalic Aci

C- 023  The Project of Coal Tar Pitch (Can Be Spun) Wuhai City Huaxi Coking Company Ltd

C- 024  The Project of Solid Alkali of 5000 Tons/Year

C- 025  The Project of Annual Output of 10000Tons/Year special Aluminum Oxide

C- 026  H Acid Project With Yearly Capacity of 1000T

C- 027  Enlargement Project for Producing SilicaCelwith the Yearly Capacity of 5000T

C- 028  The Project of Annual Output of 100000 Tons Sodium Silicate

C- 029  The Project of Newly Constructed Annual Output of 100 Tons Crystal Silicon

C- 030  The Project of 1.4 - Ding Er Chun

C- 031  The Project of Annual Output of 90000 Tons Acetic Acid Ethylene

C- 032  The Projet of Annual Output of 50000 Tons Coal Tar Products Retrieved

C- 033  The Project of Annual Output of 50000 Tons Silicon Carbide

C- 034  The Project of Annual Output of 50000 Tons PVC Resin Technical Reformed

C- 035  The Project of Electrolysis Chloric Acid Sodium

C- 037  The Project of Producing Transparent Acid By Ferment Method


7. Agriculture, Forestry, Food & Oil, Fertilizer, Planting and Processing

C- 014  The Project of High Effect Agriculture No.10re Planting Base without Soil

HD4-002 The Processing Project of Extending Dehydrated Vegetables

HD4-003 Extending Spark Sunflowers Roasted Seeds Plant

HD4-005 Maize Multiple-Proccessing Project with the yearly Capacity

HD4-009 Multi-elements High Efficient Fertilizer

HD4-012 Plant Straws Compound Fertilizer

HD4-020 The project ofr Raising and Transplanting Plants Technologg

HD4-021 The Development Project of Castor Production and Processing Technology

HD4-022 The Project of Chinese Matrimony Vine General

HD4-023 The Spark Sunflower High- Quality Products and Their Breeding Base Construction

HD4-024 The Project of Setting up the BASE for Producing High-quality Maize Seeds

HD4-027 The Project of Developing Low-Yieding land

8. Pasturage, Fishery, Feedingstuff and Breedings

BK- 015Deer products processing

C- 013  The Project of Beefs Breeding of Haibowan District

HD4-011 The Project of producing Straws Feed

HD4-014 The Construction of aBreeding Bas for 30000 High Quality Pigs

HD4-015 The Project of constructing aHigh Quality Coloured Pheasants Farm

HD4-016 Using lower Alkaline land to Construct Terraced Fish-raising to Construct Terraced Fish-raising to carry out the     Project of "Taking fishing to Transform Alkali

HD4-017 The Construction Project of Animal Husbandry Base in Hang jing Hou County

HD4-018 The Farm for the Solar Energy Special Aquatic Products Raising

HD4-019 The project of Raising Rare Animals

HD4-028 Setting up a(Green and High-Quality)Compound Feed Plant and meat Foodstuff Base

9. Restaurant

BK-021  unflower Seeds Emulsive Drinks Technical Cooperation

C-010   Second - Phase Enlargement Project of Wuhai Feida Canned Food Factory

HD4-001  The Project of Attracting lnvestment in Our Shan Ba Sugar Factory

HD4-004  The Project of concentrating Apple-Pear juice

HD4-007  The Project of Watermelon Drinks

HD4-008  The Project of Producing Convenient food series

HD4-013  The Project ofr Melons and vegetables cold storage and Fresh Keeping

10. Electronics and Machinery equipment

BK-005Annual production of 200,000 units of maganet motor for electric bicycle

BK-010Full - Automatic RE Magnetic Ion Water Machine

BK-014Annual production of 1500T flux - cored wire for welding

BK-024Integrated System of Safeguard Intelligence Connecting Alarm Net

BK-026Hydrogen burning,pressure increasing,heat isolating,triangular ceramic rotator engine

BK-027SMD - type quartz crystal resonator

BK-028High performance and Chargeable Lead - Acid Battery

BK-029R model of iron - core transformer

11.Cooperation and Transfering of High-Tech projects.

12. Others

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