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Overview of Baotou city

Baotou, located in the middle west of lnner Mongolia, is one of 13 large cities among China with total area of 28,000 square km and over 2 million population. It is an important industrial base famous in the fields such as metallurgy, machinery, rare earth, and energy. It also enjoys the name of "steel city on grassland", and "kingdom of rare earth ".

Baotou is rich in mineral resource. Its coal reserve is about a quarter of china, irons reserve in Baiyunerbo over 1 billion tons, rare earth listing first in the world and Nb the second.

Baotou has perfect transportation system with No. 110 and No.210 national road cross in the city and convenient railways. The opening of Sea-railway line business can transport the goods in/ around Baotou to the world. The Baotou airport can accommodate 737 airplanes. Baotou, being one of 12 information demonstrated cities in china. Internet and intranet are popular around Baotou that can help link to the outside for Latest information and inquires.

There are 80 institutes including Rare earth Research institute, Iron-steel Design Re-search Institute and Metal Material Institute, etc. and 327 science technology development units With 102,000 kinds of professional technicians in Baotou. After 50 years development, a sophisticated industrial system main in iron and steel, rare earth, metallurgy, applicable machinery manufacturing, non-ferrous metal, textile, electronics and chemistry has been formed.

Baotou, by virtue of its advantage in geology, natural resources, economy and technology will play a more important role in the development of the middle-west areas. Seizing this historical opportunity, people of Baotou sincerely welcome friends from worldwide to come to Baotou for sightseeing visit, business, investment, exploration and industrial cooperation, Let's enjoy the bright future of Baotou on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

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