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Overview of Wuhai city

A beautiful City along the Yellow River - Wuhai

Wuhai City is a municipality directly under the Inner Mongolia Government, Wuhai City is luckily in an advantageous geographical position and has rich land resource, abundant resources, which crowns her with" the sea of Blank Gold" It is a newly built city.

Advantageous geographical position - Wuhai city is located at upper reaches of the Yellow River, southwest Inner Mongolia. It is the bridge linking north part of China and west part of China, and the important vital communication line from southeast and north part of China to southwest part of China, It is the ventral land of "Ningxia Autonomous Region - Inner Mongolia - Shaxi Province" economic zone. It's total area is 1682 square kilometers, and total population is 440 thousands.

Rich mineral resources - thanks to the marvellows geological structure, the resources are characterized by large reserves, high grade, easy exploitation and complete set, There are as many as 30 kinds of mines that have been verified so far, which include coal, kaolinite, limestone, quartzite, maztle, diahase and graphite, etc. As for coal, garanteed reserves are more than 4 billion tons. The prospective reserves of limestone is 200 hundred millions.

The conditions of Water, soil, light and heat are also very convenient in Wuhai city water resources - The Yellow River pass Wuhai City for 105 kilometers annual discharge reaches 32 billion cubic meters, the reserves of groundwater is rich. The water in the Yellow River complement underground water, supply abundant and reliable source of water for the development of industry and agriculture. Land resources - Twenty thousand hectares of land can be offered for utilization; there are nearly one thousand square kilometers of grasslands and deserts can be offered for many kinds of industry, with high average temperature, big difference in temperature between day and night, long frost free period, this area is very suitable for the growth of fruits and vegetables, special for grape.

Good investment environment - Transportation and tel communication are convenient in Wuhai city, The railway linking Beijing and west part of China, the No. 109 state high- way between Beijing and Xingjiang intersect here, In telecommunication respect, the distance control exchange of local - call and trunk - call and the numerical transmission of industry, chemical industry and building materials industry as its dominant industries, and other industries like electricity metallurgy mechanic, pottery industry light industry, agriculture are also important in Wuhai city.

Preferential investment policy - The state council gromted Wuhai city as the experimental spot for the reform of economic system in the Autonomous Region. Wuhai city enjoys the jurisdiction of economic management at the level of autonomous region; it was defined as an experimental area of regional national autonomous area for the reform of economic system.

Wuhai city, with rich resources, abundant water and electric power, cheap factory building and land, preferential tax policy, etc. welcome national and international traveling traders.

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