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Overview of Tongliao city

TongLiao is former ZheLiMu league. In order to promote economic development for areas inhabited by the minority nationalities, ZheLiMu league was approved by the State Council as prefecture TongLiao city in January 1999.

TongLiao city sits in the east of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, at the west end of TongLiao Plain, and in the middle of The Kerqin grasslands. With JiLin Province at the east, LiaoNing Province at the south, its belong to Northeast Economic Zone, administrative range: Kerqin area, Huolinguole city, Left central Kerqin, Back Left Rear Kerqin, KuLun, NaiMan and ZaLuTe banners, KaiLu county. The total population is 3.04 million in whole city, including is 1.31 million Mongolian, and most Mongolian-concentrated place in the country.

There is one of the birth- home of Mongolia nation, HongShan and FuHe culture. There is the hometown of famous national hero Gadameilin, Famous general Shenglinqin in Qing Dynasty and national mother XiaoZhuangDuan of Qing Dynasty, and empress XiaoZhuangWen. ZheLiMu league was established in 1946, administered by LiaoNing Province. In 1949, it was belonged to Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; at 1969, belonged to JiLin Province, at 1979, also administered by Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Since New China was established, especially it opened to the outside world, the land is glowing with full of vitality by the people of TongLiao, diligent, brave and intelligence, nation unity, social progress, economic construction becoming more prosperous every day. On the base of agriculture and livestock are developing steadily, industry achieve great advance. GNP in the city is 12.2 billion ¥, local financial income reach to 0.5 billion $, the income of life cost inhabitant of town average reach to 3922 $, the income of peasant and herdsman 1915 ¥.

TongLiao is in an advantageous general description, is naturally endowed with rich resources, and has sufficient power supply, communication and traffic enjoys easy and convenient, market system was completed, it have great potentialities of development. Thinking and object of future development: by carry out strategy of expand opening, scientific progress and education, continued development, to speed up the course of economic integration for town and countryside, become economically powerful city, to lead unify, prosperous and civilization TongLiao, marching into the 21st Century.

The city of TongLiao,was approved by the State council as open whole area to foreigner. Which is practicing strategy of expand opening, it to advance towards the world by brand-new deportment. Well-known foreign firm, have made investment in TongLiao with very positive results. We supply preferential policies, good service and a favorable investment environment with investor. We cordially welcome internal and overseas trader to come to TongLiao for further development through sincere cooperation, as investing and running enterprises.

Brief Introduce to Tongliao Investment Promotion Bureau

Tongliao Investment Promotion Bureau is a specialized institution set up by the Tongliao Municipal Committee and Municipal Government. In charge of opening to the outside world and foreign investment, making plans with regard to foreign investment for whole city, organizing in charge of promulgating guidelines and policies concerning foreign investment, organizing investment activities; and to talk, coordinate and serve joint investment projects.

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